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Avengers: Infinity War gave us an unprecedented collection of superheroes battling a purple god and that snap!

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But this time was different.

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"You've got it all planned out, don't you?" "You think it's a stupid idea.

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Then one day, I swung by our shared apartment over the studio before I headed to my second job.

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My mind was currently focused on what he was doing to me, not keeping still.

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"Thank you.

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One would think they'd be gung-ho in December with all the cookies and sweets they were consuming.

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Now with him doing it all from the front, I saw how his eyes seemed to lose focus on me from the onset.

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"That March," he continued, "my dad got laid off.

My eyes fluttered open at his fingertips brushing against my forehead.

Chris eventually stopped, but not before I was moaning incessantly.

I told her not to bother coming back until at least tomorrow.

I'd been half-wishing I had a cigarette because something I'd read recently said smoking helped you relax.

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