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Can you ever masturbate too much

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Yet, a lot of people worry they might be doing it too much.

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Kasandra Brabaw Photographed by Ashley Armitage.

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According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior —the largest survey of its kind—more than 94 percent of men ages 25 to 29 reported masturbating at some point in their lives, while more than 84 percent of women in the same age group did.


Can You Masturbate Too Much?

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Whether you masturbate twice a week or twice a day, you probably have a set figure in your head when it comes to your favorite pastime.

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" I nodded and managed to smile up at him, the first time I'd done so in probably a week.

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I was half asleep from the latter by the time he cuddled with me under the covers, his body folded behind mine and the blankets tucked all around us.

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" I shook my head, reliving that day for at least the hundredth time.

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"Maybe it would help to sit down?" Chris said from his seat on the other side of the island.

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I'd heard the steady humming before I felt the plastic tip move along the outside of my pussy, but my body still jerked as though I'd been electrocuted.

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" He mumbled something against my skin that sounded like a warning not to make promises I couldn't keep before resuming.

At some point, I realized Chris was standing by the island with me, also without a stitch of clothing on.

His left hand played with my hair while his right lightly stroked my pussy through my jeans.

I linked my fingers together and tilted my chin down.


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